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Interiors that tell your story
Our projects

We create modern and stylish interiors for apartments and houses
Eclectic, 107 sq.m., St-Petersburg
Modern, 200 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 70 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 160 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 90 sq.m., Moscow
Competitive Project
Eclectic, 550 sq.m., St-Petersburg
Modern, 50 sq.m., Russia
Modern, 400 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 300 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 130 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 160 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 198 sq.m., St-Petersburg
Modern, 400 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 203 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 90 sq.m., Russia
Modern, 83 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 60 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 80 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 90 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 90 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 60 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 120 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 138 sq.m., Moscow
Eclectic, 156 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 37 sq.m., Moscow
Modern, 250 sq.m., St-Petersburg
Modern, 50 sq.m., Moscow
Services and prices
Planning solutions
Поставки черновых, чистовых материалов, мебели и декора
10 usd/sq.m.
  • - Competent planning decisions
Only design
Контроль за реализацией проекта
40 usd/sq.m.
  • - Competent planning decisions
    - Beautiful realistic renderings of the future interior from different angles
    - Virtual tour of the future interior
How does the process work?
We meet at Zoom or call to get acquainted and discuss the future of the interior. After that we fill out the Terms of Reference with all your wishes and sign the Agreement.
Planning Solutions
We send you a list to measure the room, fix all the dimensions of the object, make a measurement plan. Then we develop up to three variants of planning solutions according to your wishes.

Once we have approved the layout, you can make visualizations.
Before visualizations, we gather a selection of similar interiors and discuss them. Then we begin to build your future interior in 3D. This complex process takes 3-4 days per room. Up to three large blocks of adjustments can be made for each room.

We approve the design of all the rooms, collect all the visualizations in one folder, and send them to you.
To implement the project, we gather all the materials and furniture into one table with prices.
On its basis, we make drawings: layouts of tiles, flooring materials, stucco, fixtures, count the amount.
Working drawings
First we draw the most important things: wall layout plans, electrical and plumbing plans. Once they are approved, we proceed to the layouts, layouts and finishes lists, assemblies and cuts.
When everything is ready, we send you the project for approval.
Our Contacts
You can contact us by choosing a convenient way
About Us

Studio On Design was founded in 2016.
During this time we have designed and implemented the interiors of 50 apartments, 4 country houses
in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In 2020 the studio has grown to 7 people and now a large team works on each project: designer, visualizer, draughtsman and completist.
When creating each interior, we approach from an architectural point of view, carefully considering the geometry of the space, lighting and comfort of the layout.

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